A Tasty Case Study: Local Public Eatery

The Local is now at home in 6 Canadian cities.

LOCAL Public Eatery is more than just a neighbourhood pub, it's a restaurant that is loved by both its patrons and staff. Locals quickly become regulars and often times end up working for the restaurant.

It's clear people can't stay away.

With this interest in LOCAL there was a clear need to empower their quickly growing team with a tool that would make communication and management easier. LOCAL has crafted a special version of the Metrik file sharing app that can be downloaded from the Apple and Android app stores by all of their management and employees.

It's something their team members can keep close.

Whenever they need information from their employee and partner playbooks, it's a few taps away on their personal smartphones. They can also receive copies of their schedules through Metrik, performance reports, monthly specials and anything else important that will keep the team running smoothly.

LOCAL customized Metrik to make their own app

F&b mobile schedules

Using Metrik has been an amazing experience. The team has a digital tool that connects naturally with how they currently communicate.

Kathryn Oliver, HR Manager
Metrik makes it easy to share documents.

It also tracks file use and provides vital information about which documents are effective and which ones need more attention. HR managers, GMs, team leaders and company executives all have a view into document usage that has never been available before. This is helping teams like LOCAL improve their training programs, operational guides and roll-out initiatives. It's also connecting everyone on the spot every day with the most up-to-date information, just a tap away.

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