About Metrik

Metrik is here to make sending and tracking information through distributed teams fast and easy. It’s an amazing enterprise platform developed to help teams communicate and grow quickly. Organizations of all sizes and industries are using Metrik to host their HR and training programs, sales collateral, live ops communication and mission critical documents.

Metrik provides rich data and analytics on the documents and updates that are shared with distributed teams.

Metrik has been designed to be a SaaS platform that provides each and every customer with ongoing product updates. Most enterprise customers create a custom version of Metrik for their team - including their logo that uses Metrik’s software to help run their human resources and operations programs. Shared folders make sure everyone uses the same collateral. Update documents, and everyone receives the update automatically.

Metrik was engineered when we noticed a trend - that a lot of enterprise customers were looking for a mobile file sharing solution with top-down messaging that would allow their teams to stay informed in real-time. The problem of having important files buried deep in email lists as random attachments with multiple document versions floating around that were out of date is an issue prevalent in many organizations. Enterprises and growing organizations need a way to distribute mission critical messages to their teams’ mobile devices that bypass send-all emails. Metrik is the solution.

Metrik is currently being used for:

  • Human resources programs
  • Training Programs
  • Operations policy
  • Reference material
  • Franchise resources
  • Education program & resources
  • Food & beverage teams
Help your teams move faster